Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Well-I hear that train-a-comin', it's rollin' round the bend"

Tomorrow we're off to Vegas for a CrossFit Football Cert hosted by CrossFit Las Vegas. Myself, Brian, Grant, Chance, and Jay will all be attending the certification seminar. We're all excited to delve into the programming, movements, methods, and modalities used by CrossFit Football creator John Welbourne and his crew. While we're there, I'm sure we'll find time to get into some mischief as well. I'm guessing the wives will determine how much mischief time we may be alotted. I do say, hopefully it is alot, Ted.

In preparation for an active weekend I took today off. I rested some but mainly played with Vin all afternoon. I had to go to the pet store to get dog food for our shitzu, gizmo. We went to the petsmart over near best buy and vin just freaked out the whole time because petsmart and best buy sandwich Vin's two favorite stores EVER: "CHeeeeyuckeeeeCHeese" & "De Deetar center"

So spoken like a true ignoramous father, I said I'd give him 2 choices..."Vin, you wanna go with daddy to get gizmos dog food and then go home and we can play?" OR "Vin, why don't you just come help daddy take gizmos food to the car and then we can go play the deetars?" My plan was to sabbatoge him once we got the dog food in. I'd just wrestle him into his car seat and off we'd ride to the homestead...Apparently my 2 yr old son has been lifting weights and training at this CrossFit Springfield strength and conditioning place for bad-A's for a year...2 hours later after banging on every drum, plucking on every piano key, and strumming every junior black guitar in Guitar Center, we said bye, bye to the drumsticks, bye, bye to the piano, and bye, bye to the deetars. Bye, bye Daddy's sense of Alpha.

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