Tuesday, April 27, 2010

North Central WOD 3

3 Rounds for time:
Row 500m
OHS 115lb, 12 reps
50 Double Unders
I tried my hand at this one today around noon. Did 10:12. I went hard- but I know I can- AND WILL- push harder in the heat of competition. I'll be looking to get in the vacinity of 9:15-9:45 this weekend. I kept the row to about a 1:45-1:55 pace and transitioned pretty slowly to the OHS and from the OHS to the DUs. All OHS I did unbroken and through strict ROM. I broke sets on the 50 DUs: 1st round= 0 times, 2nd round= once, and 3rd round= thrice. So...3rd round I'll need to find the fortitude to NOT STOP THE FRIGGIN ROPE!!!!! I'll do a light WOD tomorrow of pull ups and running- just something to keep myself moving- nothing crazy. Other than that...my training for regionals is DONE! Thursday's our travel day. Friday I'll register and catch some of the master's and affiliate team competition. Saturday I CRUSH. Thank you to everyone who has pushed me during my training, coached me, encouraged me, wished me well, and also to those who have prayed for me throughout this whole process. I'm gonna give it my all! I hope to make you proud!
Psalm 28:7

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  1. Jeremy,

    Hey man, it was good to meet you the other day at CFS. My wife and I will be praying for you this weekend! See you when you get back.