Monday, April 12, 2010

Regionals Tune-Up: Take 2

On Saturday, we had our final installment of our mock competition series...uuhhhggg. I say "uuhhhggg", but it was well worth the effort. Jake and David (9th and 11th at the Midwest Sectionals, respectively) came down from St. Louis and got after it with us. Around 10 other athletes and coaches from CFS participated in our one day only, 3 WOD fiasco as well, making it a great competitive atmosphere. The WODs were as follows:
Against a continuously running 25 minute clock, rotate through the following 5 movements (5 min/movement):
1) max consecutive reps of OHS, 135/85lb
2) max consecutive reps of Pull Ups
3) max consecutive reps of Push Jerk, 155/95lb
4) max consecutive reps of Double Unders
5) max consecutive reps of KB Swings, 55/35lb

You may take as many attempts as you wish within the 5 minute period but only your best consecutive rep efforts count towards your total score.

3 Rounds for time of:

10 Muscle Ups
Row 250m
10 Squat Cleans, 155/95lb
Run 250m

"The Mule"

For time:
30 Pull Ups
Prowler Sled Push, 150ft @ 255/185lb
10 KB Front Squats, 2 x 55/35lb
Prowler Sled Push
8 KB Front Squats
Prowler Sled Push
6 KB Front Squats
Prowler Sled Push
4 KB Front Squats
Prowler Sled Push
2 KB Front Squats
30 Pull Ups

All 3 WODs were very challenging. By the 3rd one, we were all feeling the fatigue of the day. On WOD 1, I finished 2nd with a total score of 232. I think everyone was surprised with how quickly the workout became increasingly difficult as the movements progressed- at least I know I was.

WOD 2 I finished 3rd with a time of 20:55. I'm not completely happy with my time on this one. I don't think I managed my work and rest very well. We did the muscle ups to games standards and they got me...yet another reason to practice the same way you're gonna have to play.

WOD 3 I also came in 3rd with a time of 9:25. This was just an absolute gasser.

Of all the footage we got of the competition, the following clip best sums up my thoughts on the events of the day...

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