Thursday, April 8, 2010

Backsquats & "DT"

Strength WOD: 7 x 3 Backsquat. I worked up to 300 and stayed there for the last 3 sets. I rested around 5-10 minutes and then took on the mainpage WOD: "D.T." It's 5 rounds for time of: 12 Deadlift, 155lb; 9 HPC, 155lb; 6 Push Jerk, 155lb. Dangerously decieving WOD but I loved it. It was, without a doubt, a bit slower than I would have done it if I'd not done the backsquat work prior, but what I liked was the practice of getting through those times during the WOD that I REALLY wanted to put the bar down yet I didn't. Those are the small victories that add up over time. Today, my time for "DT" was 9:34.

Now...on to more serious matters: Yesterday Jessi got video of Coach B and Seabiscuit playing a game of "Look what I can do!" What happened next was hilarity. In the words of the great Chaz Michael Michaels, "Your welcome, Stockholm"

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