Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fight Gone Great

After crossfitting for a couple of years now, its rare that I get too terribly worked up over a PR. Mainly, because I always know there's tons of people out there faster and stonger than me who also have more guts than I do. That's another reason I love crossfitting: cuz it continues to push me to be faster, stronger, and to have more guts. Having said this, I couldn't help but be pretty freakin' pumped about my FGB score this AM.

In an effort to continue to keep my training as varied as possible, for my workout today I only considered doing WODs that I haven't done for over 3+ months. There was "Karen" but I just did the Gauntlet WOD last week. That made it fairly easy to justify passing on her (deservedly so, I'd say). Then there's "Lynne" but 4 rounds of 10 reps 225lb Bench Press & and 100ft of 45lb OH Walking lunges yesterday have got my boobies-a-feelin' sore. Real sore. Not to mention that I also tore a massive callous off my left hand on Monday during "Fran" so pull ups don't sound great right now. So...that left "FIGHT GONE BAD" (echo) "Bad, bad, bad".

I last did FGB in September of last year. Score: 346. Today's score: 380. Giddy up. It crushed me, of course. But...giddy freakin' up. I'm very thankful to Kent, Jen C., and the handful of others that coached me through. Without the push, I know I'd have let up big time on rounds 2 and 3.

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