Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fight Gone Great

After crossfitting for a couple of years now, its rare that I get too terribly worked up over a PR. Mainly, because I always know there's tons of people out there faster and stonger than me who also have more guts than I do. That's another reason I love crossfitting: cuz it continues to push me to be faster, stronger, and to have more guts. Having said this, I couldn't help but be pretty freakin' pumped about my FGB score this AM.

In an effort to continue to keep my training as varied as possible, for my workout today I only considered doing WODs that I haven't done for over 3+ months. There was "Karen" but I just did the Gauntlet WOD last week. That made it fairly easy to justify passing on her (deservedly so, I'd say). Then there's "Lynne" but 4 rounds of 10 reps 225lb Bench Press & and 100ft of 45lb OH Walking lunges yesterday have got my boobies-a-feelin' sore. Real sore. Not to mention that I also tore a massive callous off my left hand on Monday during "Fran" so pull ups don't sound great right now. So...that left "FIGHT GONE BAD" (echo) "Bad, bad, bad".

I last did FGB in September of last year. Score: 346. Today's score: 380. Giddy up. It crushed me, of course. But...giddy freakin' up. I'm very thankful to Kent, Jen C., and the handful of others that coached me through. Without the push, I know I'd have let up big time on rounds 2 and 3.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Jeremy vs Fran

The photo finish.

I took the past 2 days off, rested my legs, and ate like a pig. It was awesome. Don't underestimate the importance of recovery and down time. If taken in proper doses, it can make you come back stronger and hungrier than ever. With one month left until regionals, I plan on hitting it extremely hard over the next couple of weeks.

This AM, with Brian, Cindy, and Eric looking on, I took on "Fran". Six months ago my time was 3:31...Three months ago I got 3:14...The elusive sub-3min Fran time has been taunting me but today I closed the gap with a time of 3 minutes flat...

I kind of punked out on my pull ups on the round of 15 and with the last 9 at the end but-all things considered-I'm alright with the performance. There's no doubt I can improve. Next time I'm shooting for 2:45.

This afternoon I'm going to do 5 x 5 Front Squats. I'll probably row 5k as well just to make up for all the crap I ate this weekend.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jump on it.


3 rounds for time

30 Push Press, 65lb
50 Double Unders

Time: 7:03


12-9-6 of Ring Dips & TTB
10 Squat Cleans, 135lb
12-9-6 of HSPU & Burpees
10 Thrusters, 135lb
12-9-6 of Power Clean 135lb & Pull Ups
10 Snatches, 135lb

Time: 19:19

Not gonna lie- Tonto's feelin' a bit run down after 5 days on. Big boy no mo likey jump on it. I've been getting sport's massages once a week from Kory Johnson at Springfield Massage Works for the past month and they've definately helped me in terms of recovery. I could go for one right now. Tomorrow I'm takin' a rest day.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Preparing for Regionals

I've had alot of people asking me lately about what diet Rx I follow. I kind of use a hodge podge of methods:

My current diet consists of components from both the zone and paleo models- but mainly I just eat clean: tons of veggies- zuccini, squash, sweet potato, peppers, onions, spinach, broccoli, carrots, edamame, mixed greens. Fruit: apples, oranges, bannanas, bluberries, etc. Various nuts and seeds: peanuts, walnut, sesame, and almonds...adn of course lean meats and fish: sirloin, smart chicken, sushi/sashimi, yellowtail, tuna, and salmon.

I don't weigh, nor do I measure out portion sizes. I eat whole, raw, and cooked foods until I'm full, train like a psycho with strategy, recover with sports massage, manual therapy and stretching, drink lots of H2O (and some coffee), then I repeat the cycle daily/weekly/monthly.

Alcohol and sugar has become the enemy and is only allowed to enter the cycle in limited quantities.
Today my WOD was:
25-50-75 rounds for time of...
Air Squats
Pull Ups
Push Ups
Sit Ups
Finished in 26:25.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OHS & Toop.

Let's start with the toop. Jenny and I were in the kitchen last night when our two year old son, Vin ran into the room naked (actually almost naked- he did have on moon boots) yelling, "I tooped!!!". Typically, we understand this to be translated as, "I farted." Not last night. No...last night Vin shat on the floor. Fortunately, we got it on video...

I, of course, immediately rubbed Vin's nose in it to learn him a lesson. Good stuff. I'm reeling from yesterday's WOD: 10-1 Rounds for time of 225lb Backsquat and CTB Pull Ups in 12 min 27 sec. I'm sore everywhere and it's rediculous. As for today's performance menu: I did OHS 5x3 then 30 OHS for time @ 135lb with Grant and Brian. Got 235lb x 3...

Did the 30 OHS @ 135lb for time in 1:18. It was a good day. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to take a toop.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

MO CFit Scrimmage

Went up to STL this weekend for a mock competition and an awesome get-together with some of the top CrossFitters from the state of Missouri. We did 3 WODs; one Friday night at CrossFit Valley Park and 2 Saturday AM at CrossFit TNT. Around 12-16 athletes competed in each of the events. The programming was brutal and well rounded, thanks to Dan Thacker, co-owner of CFit Valley Park.

CrossFit Valley Park Welcomes CF Springfield from daniel thacker on Vimeo.

I was very happy with my performances- ecspecially with the event falling at the end of a rigorous week of training. All I know for sure is that I'm definately feelin' the soreness today after all the madness!

We've got one more practice run-through scheduled for Saturday, April 10th at CrossFit Springfield...this time I'll get to program the WODs :) Things could get interesting...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celtic CrossFit

Monday: OK/NM/N.TX Sectional WOD 1

3 rounds for time:

row 500m

10 Squat clean and overhead, 135lb

10 kipping pull ups

Time= 11:37


21-15-9 Burpees/Sled Pull & Drag, 100lb

Time= 3:57

Tuesday: Hawaii Sectional "Gauntlet" WOD

"Jackie", "Karabell", "Cindy" in 30 min. Score = total "Cindy" rounds

Score= 7

Wednesday: Oregon Deadlift Triplet WOD

3 Rounds of:

10 Deadlift, 315lb

20 Ring Dips

30 Box Jumps, 24"

Time= 9:49

Rested 1 Hour, then did "Grace" minus 2 reps (no one was counting and I just lost track of where I was at...SO PISSED afterwards!!!):

Time= 1:50


I plan to rest-but we'll see...

Food Intake for the past three days:

Lots of chicken, salmon, egg whites, Spinach, broccoli, sweet potatos, coffee, and H2O.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

*The McBlog is Back!

*For a limited time only. I haven't kept up with blogging my workouts or food this past week, mainly because I've been stalking Seabiscuit. It's all sucked pretty much though...The short version goes like this:

Sunday- 4 rounds of: Row 500m/25 Burpees. Sucked.

Monday- Main Page Muscle Up/Backsquat WOD vs Brian (I lost by like 30 sec- that sucked)

Tuesday- 10 Rounds of: 3 weighted pull ups w/45lb, 5 strict pull ups, and 7 kipping pull ups. I challenge everyone to try this WOD sometime. It Sucks.

Wednesday- 2.3 mile run + 150 Double Unders. While the weather was quite nice- but the running sucked.
Thursday- Rest Day

Friday- My version of "PHAT Cindy":

5 CTB Pull Ups10 Ring Push Ups
15 45lb Barbell Jumping Backsquats

I got 12 rounds, waited 5 minutes and then did:
100ft Walking sandbag lunges, 50lb
21reps, 2 pood KB Swings
100ft Walking sandbag lunges, 50lb
15reps, 2 pood KB Swings
100ft Walking sandbag lunges, 50lb
9reps, 2 pood KB Swings
waited 3 minutes then did:
100 Burpee Pull Ups for time
I did it in 12 minutes.

The greatest part of this past weekend was rollin with some homies over to tulsa to watch Mrs. Wistrom, otherwise known by her gameface name:"SEABISCUIT." Melissa competed in the South Central Sectional Qualifier for the 2010 CrossFit Games held in June in Aromas, California. She went head to head with some of oklahoma, new mexico, arkansas, and north texas' most bad-A crossfittin' women- and held her own, dang it, with a 21st place finish. Bottom line is: They're taken 30 men and 30 women to Regionals in Dallas in may. Seabiscuit will be there ready to ride strong and true. And she'll most definately not be a weiner.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sunny with a chance of Vomit.

That's right. You heard me winter: Piss off. BRING ON WARM WEATHER AND SPEEDOS!!!'ll be warm soon enough I'm hoping...but not this morning. No, this morning it was cold. So what do we do when it's cold? That's right, class: We take our shirts off and we do walking lunges. What a poser.
Today's WOD:
Sprint 200m
Walking Lunges 200m
10 Hang Power Clean, 155lb
20 Push Jerks, 135lb
30 Push Press, 115lb
40 Shoulder Press, 95lb
About 10 or 11min. Not sure exactly because I had to coach the 9am CrossFit Springfield group WOD and I got to the gym at around 8:45am.Today's food intake: See yesterday and add quantity.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Couger on the PROWLER

So this afternoon I'm done with my workout and I'm standing outside of the bay doors at CrossFit Springfield- with my shirt off, of course- when one of our lady members rolls over to me and says "Hey, can we have tickets to the gun show?" Hehehehe....what? She then broke my uncomfortable silence with, "Yeah, I went to the gun show last week and looked for a 22. I already have a 40- I guess I'm just tired of my 40 and ready to trade it in for a 22." Thank God I'm 29.

My WOD today was...

30 Pull Ups
255lb Prowler sled push, 100ft
10 KB Front Squats, 2 x 24kg KBs
255lb Prowler sled push, 100ft
8 KB Front Squats, 2 x 24kg KBs
255lb Prowler sled push, 100ft
6 KB Front Squats, 2 x 24kg KBs
255lb Prowler sled push, 100ft
4 KB Front Squats, 2 x 24kg KBs
255lb Prowler sled push, 100ft
2 KB Front Squats, 2 x 24kg KBs
30 Pull Ups

9:31. It freakin' burned.

Ate good quality food in large quantities.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Great day today at CFS. Our group WOD was a shoulder to overhead strength workout where the athletes progressed from 10-1 rep, increasing the load each set. Probably 65-75% of our members reached new PRs. Seeing the look of total disbelief and excitement in the eyes of someone who locks out a bar overhead at a large load never ceases to get me fired up. I love how with coaching and practice CrossFit is a sport where strength AND skill can increase.

I did have one funny thing happen to me today. We've got an exercise science major from MSU interning with us at CrossFit Springfield. The lab teacher in his exercise perscription class used to be my clinical instructor when I did a rotation at st johns health tracks while getting my degree in Sports Medicine & Athletic Training. When the intern mentioned he was working with us at CrossFit Springfield, his teacher scoffed and railed him by saying, "Why would you go to school and get a degree in exercise science and then go work at a fitness place like that when you could do so much more?" I love how when people are insecure about whether or not they're fullfilling their personal or professional potential, they attempt to lower everyone and everything around them in order to somehow inflate themselves. I also love how, as CrossFit Springfield's influence grows, all those involved can practically palpate the energy, passion, care, and knowledge of our coaches, the love within our community, and the legitamacy of CrossFit Springfield as a strength and conditioning facility. It's contagious. It motivates. It inspires. It breeds success in the lives of those who work and train here. And THAT, my friends, is why we will continue to do "SO MUCH MORE".

Anyhoo...At noon I rolled through 30-20-10 rounds for time of: Ring Dips & SDHP, 75lb. It was a quick met-con. I focused on full ring dip ROM and made sure to not break any sets on SDHP. Time was 4:43. I finished with 200 Double unders.

Egg white omlette
2 cups of coffee

2 spicy tuna rolls and edamame

5 Chicken tacos

Lots of H20 all day.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jeremy's Revenge

I like-a-da TTB

Got a little two-a-days action in today with a WOD called "Freddy's Revenge" this a.m. and a Front Squat WOD this afternoon.

"Freddy's Revenge"

5 rounds for time of:

5 reps, 185lb Push Jerk

10 Burpees

I told myself I wasn't going to keep time but was just going to try to move through it...I, of course, couldn't help but keep from looking at the clock. This was my first time at this WOD and, like all WODs on paper- it looked alot easier than in practice. I did it in 8:36 but actually did 6 reps of push jerk the first two rounds (no idea why- just lost count I guess).

After having my ego crushed by the WOD and my clavicles crushed by the bar I figured a 2nd afternoon workout would do me some good. So I did:

Front Squat 7 reps at...

95lb, 115lb, 135lb, 155lb, 185lb, 205lb, and 225lb- all sets unbroken except the last (into 4 and 3). In between each set, I did 7 strict toes to bar.

Tonight I'll sleep well.

Food intake:


Yogurt, granola, and blueberries. Also had a cup of coffee.


Tuna, relish, small amt of light mayo

whole wheat crackers

an apple


and a muscle milk drank


Veggie Burritto from Qudoba w chicken and steak

no rice

black beans


and lettuce

Post dinner- dinner

protein bar and milk

Lots of H2o throughout the day.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Girls Gone Wild

I started this week off strong with the best of "Grace", "Annie", and "Fran" in a mash-up WOD called "Girls Gone Wild":

10 Clean & Jerk, 135lb

50 Double Unders

50 Sit Ups

21 Thrusters, 95lb

21 Pull Ups

10 Clean & Jerk, 135lb

Did it in 4:55- it may have been a little faster if I was better at sit ups and hadn't gone to the wrong pull up bar and wasted a couple seconds- but overall I'm happy with a sub 5 min time on this one.

I've got my training schedule all mapped out for the week so we'll see how it goes...