Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back on the Wagon...

Feeling much better today, I tackled a WOD at noon with coach B. We did: Row 500m, 15-10-5 of Power Snatch and OHS @ 115lb, then row 500m, 5-10-15 of CTB pull ups and SDHP @ 115lb. Great grinder of a WOD. We didn't keep time...but of course I'm happy to report that I finished before thunderchicken (which is rare, so I have to gloat). It felt awesome to get a solid 20-30 min warm up in prior to the WOD. The warm up was a major point of emphasis at the Cfit FB cert last weekend. There's definately something to be said about the way that a good dynamic warm up can prime your body's mental and physical readiness to tackle a tough WOD.
Here's to tomorrow!!!

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