Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sinusitis Cindy

Team Mhire, being the hardcore CrossFit training camp that it is, fakes these rarely seen smiles in a clever scheme to make all their adversaries think that team Mhire is softening up their game. Puh-lease. We gangsta.

Went to bed last night around 7:30 cuz I was feelin like crap. Woke up this am and not much felt like it had changed. I think my allergies are getting to me. Whatever it is, I had a headache and sinus/coughy throat thing going on all day. Still managed to push though "Cindy" this afternoon just for the heck of it. I figure "why not?" at this point. I tied my PR with 22 rounds. It felt good to sweat- but overall I still feel a bit run down. Guns and Hoses Challenge this weekend should be good. It'll be nice to be around athletes competing right before I go to regionals next week. I'm thinking about trying out WOD 2 for their challenge sometime tomorrow.

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