Monday, April 5, 2010

In sickness and health...

On our way out to Vegas for the CrossFit Football Certification Jenny looks at me and tells me she's got a sore throat. Sore throat? I'm like, " I don't plan on gettin' no sore pipes." Unfortunately, on Friday night, I forgot to bring my toothbrush and was left with no choice but to share with the infected one: Jenny. Jenny ended up wiped out by strep throat and spent all weekend in the hotel room. Her face and throught looked so swollen that you could see the inflammation just by looking at her neck. So...of course, I'm really just now starting to feel the aches, chills, and throat pain associated with strep. Sucks. We'll just keep prayin' for a quick recovery.
As for the Cfit FB cert- it was excellent- I'm very glad this strep junk has waited til now to rear its ugly head. Learned a ton in the way of football strength & conditioning programming, athletic development, warm ups, speed drills, and agilities. John Welbourne and his crew (Raphael Ruiz & Max Mormount) are LEGIT through and through. It made for a very well informed cert and a great time. I can't wait to get this thing off the ground here at CrossFit Springfield.

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