Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Like To Move It, Move It.

It's been almost a month since I last posted but it's been worth it to take some time away from the ole' training blog. Everyone knows talk is cheap and everyone who knows me knows that I tend to talk way too much. So for the past month I just decided to shut up and work. Not blogging also gave me a ton more down time with the family which is always a positive :) Going into this year's sectionals I've felt calm, a sense of pride in CrossFit Springfield and all of the amazing athletes I'm blessed to train with, and more overall preparedness than I had last year at this time.

I did WOD 1 of the CrossFit Games Open this AM with CFS coach, Andy Koch. It's a 10 min AMRAP of 30 Double Unders & 15 Snatches (75lb). I felt good about my effort but like most competitive athletes I feel I can still improve upon my performance. My score was 7 Rds + 30 DUs & 5 Snatches (350 reps):

I'll give'r another go on Saturday and see if I can't sqeeze a few more reps outta these old Filipino bones! 3..2..1..GO!!!