Monday, February 13, 2012


I've had a blast the past two weekends competing in the CFS couples challenge and the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Battle for the Cup competition in St Louis! What I love most about competition is the opportunity to learn and grow both mentally and physically. Competing with Jenny for the first time ever two weekends ago was an experience I will cherish forever! I'm SO proud of her - not only because of her performance in the couples challenge - but more for the tremendous courage and effort she put forth. At the end of it all we took 2nd at the event...Most importantly we bonded in a way that words could never describe.
As for the St Louis competition...WOW. What a weekend. Great camaraderie all weekend long! I'm extremely proud of every CFS athlete who participated. I'm also wrecked. I mean REALLY wrecked. I've had rhabdo before so I know what it feels feels just like this. The deadlift ladder WOD was one that I felt confident I could excel at but I also knew that it would take a lofty toll on my body. I've done enough of these high volume/multiple WOD competitions now to know that sometimes it's best to "live to fight another day". That philosophy went straight out the window for me on Saturday evening at TNT. Although I finished 1st for the deadlift event, I can't help but wonder if my performances on the final 2 events would have possibly been better had I listened to my back when it pleaded with me to throw in the towel. Shoot first, ask questions later, right?
After hobbling my way through Sunday's workouts, I managed to place 3rd and CFS's Cap'n Koch placed 1st (Andy DOMINATED this event for the 2nd year straight!) in the men's RX division at the STL Battle for the Cup. Overall, I'm pleased with the direction things are heading as the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games rapidly approaches. Just as last year, I've tried to stay off the computer and keep my blogging to a minimum in an effort to focus on doing the work in order to be prepared rather than distract myself by talking about doing the work I need to do to be prepared. Sounds to me like the perfect time to shut up and get back to work...On second thought, I might wait a few days :) I should probably make sure I'm not peeing blood before I get back on the ole' warpath wagon.