Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yesterday: CFS WOD, Today: Rest Day

At the CFFB cert with Coach Grant, CFFB creator John Welbourne, and the owner and coaches from CORE CrossFit in Pheonix, AZ.

Did the CFS WOD yesterday to see how it would be. I had a little bit of reservation going into it because my hands look like someone took them to a meat grinder. But I gave it a go...AMRAP in 15 min of: 10 Pull Ups, 7 HPC @ 135lb, 5 Burpees. 9Rds. Ok, I guess- had a hard time pushing through (despite Jessi's constant barrage of, "Come on, J- you can get another round, but you gotta GO!") My freakin' fangers needed a rest day, dang it...but I wouldn't listen. Ready for a good one tomorrow...

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