Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Final Push, Jerk

Today I did a hybrid of WOD 1 from the Florida Sectionals: Every 2 min for 4 rounds perform 150m sprint, 7 Burpees, Max reps of 70lb KB swing. Your score is total KB swings. I have to admit, I'm not at all pleased with my performance- I got 65 KB swing reps. This was one of the most mentally challenging WODs I've done in a while. I started feeling sorry for myself around 3min in and kind of punked out a bit.

Yesterday went a little better. In the AM I started by working up to 1RM Push Jerk. Got to 250lb (tied my PR)...


...then worked up to 1RM Power Clean. Got to 250lb (PR is 265lb)...


If I would've done power cleans first, I'd have probably done better on them and worse on the push jerks- so I'm just gonna call it a wash. I finished up yesterday in the afternoon with the CFS daily WOD from today:

Row 500,400,300,200, and 100m each for time- rest 2-3 min between efforts. My times were 1:30/ 1:13/ :53/ :35/ :16 . It's down to the wire now with regionals coming up next Saturday in Denver. Tomorrow I'll take an active rest day and just move through a WOD like Cindy or Chelsea. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I plan to hit it hard. From there I'll begin my taper into the competition. I feel mentally and physically prepared. For whatever reason (at least right now) I feel less pressure than I did a couple of months ago going into sectionals. I'm sure the anxiousness will start to hit next week...

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