Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Mid-pull with 485lb. I made the lift for a 35lb PR. What you can't see off to the left is the 10lb bumper that fell off during my lift. That's what I get for not clamping. I'd have gotten 495lb today otherwise. I can-and will-get 500. I made a couple of conservative jumps early in my progression that wasted my mojo. Live and learn. I'm SO getting 500. FYI-for anyone perceptive enough who'd question- those aren't straps on my hands (straps are for weiners). I've got'em taped up because twice in the past two weeks I've torn massive callouses from my hands. The good part is both times were on PRs (3 min Fran & 46 max consecutive pull ups).


  1. Nice work Jeremy, the comment about the straps was needed. That was the first thing I saw. You are killing the stereotype about crossfit being only about High rep activity

  2. SEE! I knew someone would question the tape! Dang it! Thanks for the props with the stereotype comment, though...actually Larry, you're killing stereotypes as well. Like the one that says that only weiners workout at the "YMCA". You're a pretty cool guy and you do, right?

  3. Yes I am still at the YMCA, for now anyways