Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Great day today at CFS. Our group WOD was a shoulder to overhead strength workout where the athletes progressed from 10-1 rep, increasing the load each set. Probably 65-75% of our members reached new PRs. Seeing the look of total disbelief and excitement in the eyes of someone who locks out a bar overhead at a large load never ceases to get me fired up. I love how with coaching and practice CrossFit is a sport where strength AND skill can increase.

I did have one funny thing happen to me today. We've got an exercise science major from MSU interning with us at CrossFit Springfield. The lab teacher in his exercise perscription class used to be my clinical instructor when I did a rotation at st johns health tracks while getting my degree in Sports Medicine & Athletic Training. When the intern mentioned he was working with us at CrossFit Springfield, his teacher scoffed and railed him by saying, "Why would you go to school and get a degree in exercise science and then go work at a fitness place like that when you could do so much more?" I love how when people are insecure about whether or not they're fullfilling their personal or professional potential, they attempt to lower everyone and everything around them in order to somehow inflate themselves. I also love how, as CrossFit Springfield's influence grows, all those involved can practically palpate the energy, passion, care, and knowledge of our coaches, the love within our community, and the legitamacy of CrossFit Springfield as a strength and conditioning facility. It's contagious. It motivates. It inspires. It breeds success in the lives of those who work and train here. And THAT, my friends, is why we will continue to do "SO MUCH MORE".

Anyhoo...At noon I rolled through 30-20-10 rounds for time of: Ring Dips & SDHP, 75lb. It was a quick met-con. I focused on full ring dip ROM and made sure to not break any sets on SDHP. Time was 4:43. I finished with 200 Double unders.

Egg white omlette
2 cups of coffee

2 spicy tuna rolls and edamame

5 Chicken tacos

Lots of H20 all day.

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