Sunday, March 14, 2010

*The McBlog is Back!

*For a limited time only. I haven't kept up with blogging my workouts or food this past week, mainly because I've been stalking Seabiscuit. It's all sucked pretty much though...The short version goes like this:

Sunday- 4 rounds of: Row 500m/25 Burpees. Sucked.

Monday- Main Page Muscle Up/Backsquat WOD vs Brian (I lost by like 30 sec- that sucked)

Tuesday- 10 Rounds of: 3 weighted pull ups w/45lb, 5 strict pull ups, and 7 kipping pull ups. I challenge everyone to try this WOD sometime. It Sucks.

Wednesday- 2.3 mile run + 150 Double Unders. While the weather was quite nice- but the running sucked.
Thursday- Rest Day

Friday- My version of "PHAT Cindy":

5 CTB Pull Ups10 Ring Push Ups
15 45lb Barbell Jumping Backsquats

I got 12 rounds, waited 5 minutes and then did:
100ft Walking sandbag lunges, 50lb
21reps, 2 pood KB Swings
100ft Walking sandbag lunges, 50lb
15reps, 2 pood KB Swings
100ft Walking sandbag lunges, 50lb
9reps, 2 pood KB Swings
waited 3 minutes then did:
100 Burpee Pull Ups for time
I did it in 12 minutes.

The greatest part of this past weekend was rollin with some homies over to tulsa to watch Mrs. Wistrom, otherwise known by her gameface name:"SEABISCUIT." Melissa competed in the South Central Sectional Qualifier for the 2010 CrossFit Games held in June in Aromas, California. She went head to head with some of oklahoma, new mexico, arkansas, and north texas' most bad-A crossfittin' women- and held her own, dang it, with a 21st place finish. Bottom line is: They're taken 30 men and 30 women to Regionals in Dallas in may. Seabiscuit will be there ready to ride strong and true. And she'll most definately not be a weiner.

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