Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OHS & Toop.

Let's start with the toop. Jenny and I were in the kitchen last night when our two year old son, Vin ran into the room naked (actually almost naked- he did have on moon boots) yelling, "I tooped!!!". Typically, we understand this to be translated as, "I farted." Not last night. No...last night Vin shat on the floor. Fortunately, we got it on video...

I, of course, immediately rubbed Vin's nose in it to learn him a lesson. Good stuff. I'm reeling from yesterday's WOD: 10-1 Rounds for time of 225lb Backsquat and CTB Pull Ups in 12 min 27 sec. I'm sore everywhere and it's rediculous. As for today's performance menu: I did OHS 5x3 then 30 OHS for time @ 135lb with Grant and Brian. Got 235lb x 3...

Did the 30 OHS @ 135lb for time in 1:18. It was a good day. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to take a toop.

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