Monday, August 30, 2010

Hit Me Baby, One More Time

Today, I whooped up on the CFS advanced WOD and then PR'd by a full minute on "Jackie". Then I started a street fight with these two black belt Karate dudes from the dojo next door. I won, of course. Topped off my day with a ride on my custom built west coast chopper- laid the bike out twice, but I'm good. Soooooo gangster, right? No. Why not so gangster, you ask? Because it's really hard to be gangster about anything when you used to be in a boy band. Yep, Jeremy... that's what's called "leverage against your mohawk'd-tatted up-crossfit-loving-Filipino-butt for at least the rest of your life" - probably longer.

Although no amount of seeing the world, headlining tours, or albums recorded and sold will ever make my former life very cool...fortunately for me, it was just that: Very cool. From my vantage point, I was for 4 years afforded the opportunity to get paid to wake up in a different city each day, put stuff like "Slinky's" on a tour rider just to see if the venue would put one in my dressing room (which actually worked), and make music. Well, pretty gay music at times, but still music none-the-less. Ok, gay music all of the time but...I got paid to make it? This isn't going well. Hmmm. How about this: Gay music, all of the time, but I got to do sweet synchronized, choreograghed dance moves.


Did I mention that I PR'd on "Jackie" today? Yeah, I know. I'm gangster like that.


  1. Actually that past is pretty incredible if you ask me... almost as incredible as deadlifting 500lbs or improving your PR on "Jackie." Now I may be slightly biased since I'm your sis and likewise, one of your biggest fans, BUT not many people can say "I toured the world, received music awards and gold records, had hundreds of thousands of fans, girls screaming and wanting my autograph, made music with internationally famous individuals, and did it all with pretty freaking perfect hair all the time ;o)." I mean really the list of impressive facts from that time in your life goes on. So be proud of that past... rock it with pride just like you do your mohawk grenades or tats because at the end of the day - boy band past or not - you're still totally ganster bro!

  2. That's why I love you, sis! Cuz whether I'm cool or a tool you've always got my "six". Thanks :)