Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weighted Pull Up WOD

125lb Weighted Pull Up @ a BW of 200lb
Today I hit up the 1RM weighted pull up WOD from yesterday with a buddy of mine, Larry, who I enjoy making fun of for an assortment of reasons (all in good fun, of course)- the main reason being that he's what I'd call a bit of a "fairweather crossfitter". This is the type of person who picks and chooses crossfit WODs to do based on (a) ones that they're good at, or (b) based on whether or not the WODs fit into their weekly YMCA workout rotation of arms, chest, back, and shoulders (no legs, of course). Don't get me wrong, Larry's a beast. Today, at a bodyweight of 165lb Larry successfully performed a 135lb weighted pull up, beating my best effort of 125lb (BW of 200lb). In all honesty, during my first year of crossfitting, I was without a doubt a fairweather crossfitter. As I realized the benefits of moving large loads, long distances, quickly, I slowly but surely I phased out the shoulder shrugs, lateral raises, and bicep curls and traded them for cleans, push presses, and pull ups. Now, at age 30, I would beat the living crap out of the 25 year-old version of me.

Larry, during a 135lb weighted pull up

After the weighted pull up workout, we did a quick-hitter of 15-12-9 Front Squat @ 155lb, Weighted Ring Pull Up @ 25lb, and Row 150/120/90m. It was the perfect "get-in, get-out" Sunday WOD. My time was 10:29.


  1. You got me pegged perfectly on the do I want to do crossfit today checklist. By the way I thought I did legs a lot but after yesterday and how I feel today I realize my legs are hm wussies. Thank you Jeremy you always know how to make a person want to be better.

  2. ur a stud, dude- it was fun getting to train with you- just like old times minus the curls, eh?!