Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5 Rds: Run 400m & 21 Ring Dips

I don't run fast. But I bet I'd run faster if I got all dolled up in a speedo like Zach in the above portrait which I've affectionately titled "Amante de la Carrera". This, of course, in espanol translates to: "Hello there. I have fireworks hidden within my undergarments. Please, no smoking."

I got 18 and some change...I can't remember exactly. However, I do seem to vaguely remember really not enjoying myself during the runs. Wait a gosh-darn tic...ohhhh, thaaaat's right...I hate running. Since I hate it so much I've been running a little more lately. You know, working my weaknesses and so forth. Yeah, it's been absolutely spectacular, practicing this phenomenon they call jogging- I actually believe it's pronounced "yawgging" (soft "J").

I think I may be getting worse.

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