Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Any Given W.O.Day

I ended Saturday's post with, "Win some, you lose some." In my ongoing war against the WOD, I would definitely call today's battle a victory. The last time I max'd out on deadlift (4/13/10) I pulled 485lb, but promised to eventually get the elusive (for me anyways) "5 Benjamin DLift". Today at noon, I was finally able to pick it up. Oh, it was ugly- but I got it none the less. Big thanks to Grant, Brian, and the noon crew for coaching me through.

My progression was: 3 x 5 deadlift @ 135lb, 2 x 5 deadlift @ 225lb, 1 x 5 deadlift @ 315lb, then 405/455/495f/455/475/495/500PR. I tried 515lb once just for fun...didn't budge it but I did come close to faceplanting afterwards.

I've had fun over the past 3 weeks with my training. I'm enjoying the stucture of this whole "S.E.M Project" game I've been playing. The unknown and unknowable is cool and all, but for the time being it's refreshing to have a game-plan.