Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blackhawk Downtime

Today Jessi and Ashley called me out of the blue at around 1pm and informed me that one of their friends, who is a Blackhawk helicopter pilot, had just landed his chopper at Fort & Sunshine for a "Make a Wish Foundation" event. I sprang into action quickly and told Vincent, "Hey dude, you wanna go see a helicopter?!" To which he replied, "Ahhhhh! Helicocker!!!! I wanna go se da helicocker!!! (brief pause) I pooped, daddy!" So, after quickly mopping my sons buttocks free and clear of said poop, we both ventured out to see said "helicocker". It was awesome. Vin's at that funny/ somewhat awkward 2 year old age where everything is new and exiting and amazing...until he realizes that there are other humans around who are watching him- then he kind of clams up and gets quiet. So when we pulled up to the Blackhawk, he was awestruck at first, but as we walked towards the chopper, he noticed everyone watching him and immediately got all shy. Funny thing is: As shy as he acted, he couldn't hide from me the sheer amazement that I saw in his eyes. As a father, it was so cool to see him take in the whole experience...Gotta love days like these :)

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