Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Little Box That Could.

Naysayers. If you're in the CrossFit game long enough, you eventually hear them, planting business seeds of doubt here, a little dab of "You'll never make it without me" there. There will always be naysayers. Always. Even when you do the right thing- even when you're honest, even when you try your very best, even when you provide people with positive, effective solutions to their problems- there will always be naysayers. So, what then, do you do? I see it as being a pretty simple solution: You continue to do the right thing, remain honest, always give your best effort, and help people solve their problems. Until one day, you find you have traveled so far that when you look back, you can barely even make out the faces or the voices of your detractors.

As I contemplate the steady growth of CrossFit Sringfield, the thought of moving into yet another larger facility to accomodate our oft overflowing group WODs and rowing classes seems staggering. It seems we were just moving into our current 5,000 sq ft facility less than a year ago with the thought that we'd never be able to outgrow the space very soon. Well...very soon is now upon us and the out-growth of the box we're in is becoming more and more evident each day. Even though it gives me a little anxiety, expanding our operation into a larger space with a larger overhead and a larger pricetag kind of gets me fired up. Not fired up at the thought of expanding some CrossFit Springfield empire hellbent on global domination (though, hey we'd take it :). No, I'm fired up at the opportunity to continue to build the CFS community, I'm fired up at the opportunity that CrossFit Springfield will have in the coming years to impact the Ozarks community through the pooling and giving of our many resources. My prayer is that we would continue to expand our influence in town and encourage and help those in need in the best ways we know how. No matter whether that need is fitness related or otherwise, my vision is that CrossFit Springfield will be a useable, tangible source of strength within our community. Wherever the road leads, I'm confident of this: The CrossFit Springfield team of partners, coaches, members and clients continue to forge a legitimate bond that few groups of people ever truly find in life. If we would point our collected hearts in the right direction and continue to move forward together, there won't be a naysayer in the world with words big enough to overtake the great works we can, and will, do.



  1. I believe God's hand is on Crossfit Springfield. He has a purpose for it. You are changing the lives of many people and building a strong community. I feel so privileged to have been apart of it since the beginning. I feel like it's my second home. I hope I'm not being to sappy. I'm really tired and wish the Cardinals would win already.

  2. i'm pumped and i don't even live in missouri anymore! haha! [well written] and Cochise? nice. God bless the future for CrossFit Springfield. sounds rad. wish there was one here

  3. wow am so proud to be a part of crossfit springfield, to see day by day, time by time, pr by pr, people are changing, improving, smiling, sweating, are an amazing athlete, friend, and writer! well said my friend :)

  4. Jeremy, there's no middle ground to honesty...
    Proverbs 16:11 Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do! Thankyou for your continued dedication to CF, so the rest of us can be a part of a great movement in Springfield!