Monday, August 16, 2010

Saved by Grace

This morning I did Backsquat 30-3-20-2-10-1. I did 185lb-295lb-205lb-315lb-225lb-325lb. My legs will surely be sore tomorrow. This afternoon I did "Grace" followed by a 5 minute rest, then "Fran" followed by a 7 minute rest and then "Helen". I hit a new PR on "Grace" with a time of 1:46 (previous PR of 1:56). I knew that by going full boar at "Grace" my other two WODs would suffer, but I really didn't care about my other two times today. No, today I wanted to PR on "Grace". Period. The last time I did "Grace" was on St. Patrick's Day in a kilt. The kilt was awesome- what wasn't awesome was that I initially thought I had PR'd but after reviewing the video I found that I only did 29 reps. uhhhhhhgh. I wanted to make sure history didn't repeat itself, so today, with flip video running, I talked Erik, Meggin, and Mary into counting my reps so I could keep track of where I was. It also didn't hurt to have them violently screaming sweet nothing's into my earhole like "You need to stop being a weiner, pick up the bar, hurry up and finish!" Boy am I glad to be finished and even happier to have gotten a new PR out of the whole mess.

By the way, just to throw myself under the bus- my subsequent "Fran" time was 5:02 followed by a blazing "Helen" time of 15 minutes. Ohhhh yeahhh, I was bookin' it after that "Grace". No.

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