Thursday, July 1, 2010

For A Good OHS Dial: 5,5,5-3,3,3-1,1,1,1

I had hoped to get a both a strength WOD and a conditioning WOD in today but there was no time- SO- I settled for strength and did 3x5 OHS @ 165, 185, 205 then 3x3 OHS @ 205, 225, 225 and then 4x1 OHS @ 235, 245, 255f (got pissed off so I retried), and 255lb. It's 10lb under my PR but I'm good with it after having done a 5x3 Front Squat + a 10minute metcon + the CFS advanced WOD yesterday. It was a great day in the CFS box- I'm pumped for the weekend!

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