Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sweet Soreness, How I Love Thee

It feels so good to feel so wrecked. It's true. You know you've thought it. Deep down in the basement of your brain; you've thought it. Sure, to everyone else you'll say "Oh this sucks. I'm SOOO sore I just can't stand it!"....but...you LOVE it. And you wouldn't have it any other way. With a couple of days back training under my belt, that's where I'm at; embracing the suck.

Yesterday (Monday), I started what I've loveingly dubbed the "S.E.M Project" whereby I'll be rotating through strength, endurance, and metcon WODs every 3 days. Yesterday, being strength, I did Backsquat 7 x 3 & Bench Press 7 x 7. I got up to 315lb on backsquat and 255lb on Bench Press. After the backsquat WOD, I played a little max effort game as a grand finale' and did 1 AMRAP set of 135lb backsquat and got 60 reps unbroken (thanks to Steve for the counting/coaching). Doing it after the 7 x 3 probably changes what I may be able to get if I was fresh- but, either way- it provided me with a great deal of pain. You know I love pain. In the afternoon I got the sudden urge to try 100 TTB for time and did it in 7:29. Hit a HUGE wall at around 50 and started nickle and diming my way to the finish. Needless to say, I have a very sore tummy today.

Today: "E" for endurance (cue booing). 5k row for time. 19:47. Not a great time- but no worries- I'm pleased just to have started the process of reconditioning myself a bit.

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