Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Magic, You Say? Oh, I Will Show You Magic...

...and in good time you shall call me a wizard. You'll see. Yesterday was a strength day: 5 x 1 Squat Clean- Got up to 255lb. 5 x 5 Bench Press- Went to 245lb.

Today was an endurance-ish WOD of...

Row 500m
50 Wallballs, 20lb
Row 1000m
35 Wallballs, 20lb
Row 1500m
20 Wallballs, 20lb

Time was 16:41.

This afternoon, I decided to do today's CFS advanced WOD to see what it feels like.

15 Min AMRAP: 4 "Junkyard Dog" Tire Flips @ 225lb (flip the tire, jump through the middle and to the other side= 1), 6 Cleans @ 205lb, and 8 HSPU. Got 4 Rounds. No surprises. Felt similar to what I thought it would. Poo-Poo.

Now, without any further adew, I give you magic in all its glory and splendor...wait for it...keep it comes...


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