Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stop Hitting Yourself!

Oh, if only I had the stones...I'd totally get this as my next tattoo. Like I don't already field a million questions about the ones I've got. What? What do you mean you don't remember the famous bible story of when the angel made the dude strike himself repeatedly in the face? It's only like the coolest miracle ever! Amateur. I need a stinkin' crossfit angel to make me do my burpees.

Today I did the CFS daily WOD: 15 Minutes to reach 1 RM Deadlift, 15 Minutes to reach 1RM shoulder to overhead anyway. Then 1 minute 155lb deadlift AMRAP and 1 minute 45lb seated press AMRAP. I stopped at 475lb on deadlift and max'd out at 275lb for the shoulder to overhead. For the 1 minute AMRAP 155lb deadlift, I did 50 reps. Instead of the 1 minute AMRAP 45lb seated press I did 1 minute AMRAP of 95lb push press for 40 reps. I decided to call it quits early on deadlift just to not overdo it after being out sick all of last week. On the shoulder to overhead, I attempted 285lb once after hitting 275lb. After missing the lift I could tell it wouldn't be worthwhile to try again so I called it good for the day. It's felt great to slowly be getting back into the mix. I feel I've regained a ton of strength and confidence over the past three days that I've been able to resume training.

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