Monday, September 20, 2010

I Heart "Fran" (Squared)

After a nice relaxing weekend, today I felt ready to start my week out strong. Jenny and I had the opportunity to go out on Saturday with a big group of CFS peeps- which was a blast! It's always nice to hang with everyone outside of the gym. Yesterday we had a meeting up at the box to discuss some of the specs for our upcoming 5k Gone Bad event. It's shaping up to be a very fun and unique race.

At noon today I did 5-5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1 Backsquat with Grant (225-245-275-275-305-305-315-335-335). After taking a 15min break to recover and to "get my mind right", I did "Fran". The last time I did "Fran" my time was 3 minutes even. Today, with an awesome push from a few people from the noon crew, I PR'd with a time of 2:32. My goal was to get sub-3 and, make it through every set unbroken. Although I managed the sub-3, I screwed up on my 21 pull ups and came off the bar at 20, thinking I had hit my 21 reps. The mistake cost me at least four or five seconds. I'm was otherwise fairly happy with my performance and the outcome.

But WAIT!!! Upon further review, my squat depth was garbage on more than a few reps (the camera angle didn't help either). So, what does any normal crossfitter do (and by normal I of course mean psycho)? Why they do the dang thing over again, that's what...and 3 hours later, at 3:50pm, that's precisely what I did. This time, using a medball for depth, I did 2:42 hitting everything unbroken except the last 9 pull ups. Am I happy now, you ask? Nope. Of course not. My hands are completely torn to shreds and I did it 10 seconds slower. But I'm gonna sleep like a baby tonight knowing that I did it legit, got a PR, AND knowing that I can still go faster. I just gotta do it right the first time while I've got my mohawk mojo. Next time, if I can manage to not have any miscues, I think it's realistic for me to shoot for a sub-2:30 time.

I'm thinking tomorrow will be a good day to do an endurance WOD of rowing to log some meters for the C2 fall rowing challenge...Gonna kill 2 birds with one stone, baby! Here's a video of the 2:32 "Fran" with the bush-leauge thrusters (at 12:50pm today)...

And here's the legit 2:42 "Fran" (at 3:50pm today)...

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