Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn't Work Hard.

Oh, the sweet sounds of CrossFit Springfield. A little gangster-death metal-brit rock-hip hop-fusion blaring from the speakers in every corner of the box, barbells crashing to the ground, C2 Rower wheels spinning with each rip of the chain, coaches trying to yell orders to 25 athletes over all of the madness...it's perfect...and Oh, how I've missed it SO dearly over the past few days. I got out of the hospital on Friday and went straight to visit the gym. When I walked in, Jessi lovingly told me that with my drugged up eyes and IV needle holed-up arms, I looked like her pet cats when they get picked up from the vet. For the most part, I felt fine- just a little weak from the 48 hr liquid only diet and from being bedridden for three days. While I had time to lay in a dark hospital room and assess my plight, I came to the realization that I've gotta do a better job of managing my work- consisting primarily of training clients, coaching classes, answering and returning emails and phone calls, cleaning the box, and maintaining the CFS website, my training volume which, even though I've recently tried to be more methodical, is sometimes a bit too much when combined with work and my final main duty: My family. At some point (that point, for me, being hospitalization) something's gotta give. I've resolved to continue to eat healthy, train 4-6 days/week, and adhere to my S.E.M method. What I'd like to change is the precidence I've been giving my training over everything else. The problem lies in trying to fit so much into 24hrs that some things- oftentimes, many things- end up being adversly affected. I know it's a time management issue- but there's also something else- one of the most appealing parts of CrossFit to me: Having the drive to excel, the competitive fire to perform on an athletic stage, and the mental toughness to push through any type of adversity. These 3 ideals make it hard for me to let off of the accelerator when I'm going 30mph over the speed limit and it's slick out. Though after this last week, I now know I must let up a bit- at least for right now. For my personal health, for the health and quality of the work I do for CrossFit Springfield, and most importantly- for the health and sanity of my family.
So, with all these things in mind, my first WOD back was great! Today I did Melissa's rowing class WOD which was performed as a pyramid (perform the first task-then add the next, but start over with the first each time you add another task)- My goal was to perform each set unbroken for the entire WOD...

*For time:

10 OHS, 95lb
Row 400m
30 KB Swings, 55lb
40 Push Ups
Row 400m
60 Sit Ups

*Each time you break a set, you must perform a 15 burpee penalty. I had no broken sets and finished the WOD relatively fast considering the amount of recovery time I gave myself in between each modality. It was a fun little workout- Jessi did it with me- she's still crushing workouts with 3 weeks to go until her due date! Awesome. Jessi, Grant, Melissa, and myself are extremely exited right now about the state of CFS for alot of reasons:

1. We're currently working to move to a 12,500sq ft facility located directly behind our current 5,000sq ft box. I just threw up in my mouth- I'm both excited and anxious for this!!!

2. We're locking down a date for next spring (April) to host a CrossFit Olympic Lifting Cert with USAW Coach Mike Burgener! This will be amazing. No doubt.

3. Fall Team Bootcamp in October, Heart of America and 5k Gone Bad in November, Fall CFS Fire Fighters Challenge all coming soon!!! Lot's to plan for- it'll all be here soon!

Gotta keep on, keepin' on!!! Good Stuff.

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