Thursday, September 16, 2010

1 RM Rack Jerk

Today I did the Again Faster Competition WOD for week 2 with Seabiscuit: 1RM Rack Jerk. A couple of weeks ago I did 275lb which was a PR. This afternoon I got 285lb and came extremely close to 295lb twice. I'll get it, dang it. I know a 285lb rack jerk is garbage to alot of top-notch CrossFit athletes, but hey, so are most of my numbers! I can live with that. I just can't live with knowing that I can do more but not doing it.

Today I also rowed 2500m to log some meters for the C2 fall rowing challenge that CFS is participating in. Yes, I know there are some of you who are rowing somewhere in the vacinity of 150,000m a day and you're all like, "What! Only 2500m?! That's weak sauce, Cochise!" For the record- yes, on both counts: Only 2500m and I'm full of weak sauce. Don't judge, home-slice. Speaking of the C2 rowing challenge, I'm excited to see what kind of final number our box can put up! Below is the video of the 285 jerk- Head's up: I hope you have a glass of wine handy; I'll admit the post-lift victory yell is muy cheesy. I gotta be THAT guy. Jeesh, I annoy myself...


  1. Nice lift Jeremy.. and we'll take all your weak sauce meters you want to rack up :)

  2. you know what's weak sauce is thinking that putting 285 overhead isn't good. keep killin' it man.