Friday, September 10, 2010

Movin' On Up!!!

Todays WOD: 3 rounds for time of 25 Wallballs, 50 Ring Rows, 75 DUs, 100m Walking Lunges. Time- 26:29. It was a great conditioning WOD. The ring rows and walking lunges were a bit of a grind. I managed to get all 3 Double Under sets unbroken. Looking forward to hitting a metcon tomorrow...I'm thinking one of the Girls named WODs or possibly even the 9/11 CFS daily WOD of 10 rds: 9 Muscle snatches @ 65lb and 11 OHS @ 65lb.

It's official! Today we took a leap of faith and signed the lease for CrossFit Springfield's next home. It's a 12,500 sq ft facility with air conditioned shower/bath rooms and a childcare area (also AC'd) that will be larger. I'm so thankful for the blessing of growth and excitement within our community right now! I believe this next step is going to allow us to significantly expand our class times, our class sizes, and our ability to positively impact peoples lives through fitness and commradery. Although our CrossFit Springfield community has grown tremendously in numbers over the past two years, I look forward to maintaining the family-like atmosphere which has been the foundation of our gym's success. Please pray for God's hand to be upon us in the coming months as we work to transition our CFS family to the new box! We've all been in situations where we have had to face transition, changes, tough decisions, or new challenges. Time and time again in my life, I've seen and experienced, first hand, the power of prayer and how God can deliver guidance, clarity, and peace even in the craziest of situations. Thank you in advance to everyone who will be praying and believing with us for this move to be an uplifting burst of life into the heart of CrossFit Springfield! 3..2..1..GO!!!


  1. So exciting!!! If you need any help moving, packing, cleaning, organizing let me know.

  2. Jeremy - I am just so excited for you and everyone involved in getting to this place in your lives! It is so awesome to witness it and get to be a part of it! All your hard work has paid off! Congrats and can't wait to see the new box!

  3. Just let me know how I can help move or in any way you need me, Jeremy. I know I'm strong enough....
    Beth M