Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mohawk Grenades on SUCKAFREE Friday

There are those days when you feel like you can lift a schoolbus and no WOD on earth can stop you. Thursday was not that kind of day. I've done "Linda" aka "3 bars of death" 3 times now. This one was the worst by PR is 24 minutes and it took me 30. I felt dehydrated and exhausted by round 7. All things considered, I'm glad just to have finished.

I always say that fitness/health/wellness can be a roller coaster at times; it's beneficial to not jump off in the middle of the ride. Sometimes you just have to hang in there and live to fight another day. For me, Friday was better a better fight- I did 3 rounds of 50 Air Squats, 40 Push Press @ 65lb, 30 Double Unders, and 20 Ring Dips. Previous time was 13 a new PR with a time of 12:57. I'm pumped for the weekend and a rest day today.

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