Tuesday, June 22, 2010

5x3 Hang Squat Clean

After dealing with a massive downed tree in our front yard this past Saturday from the storms that blew through- I was ready to throw some weight around in the gym. Monday afternoon I went after 5 attempts at a 3 rep max hang squat clean. I got up to 235lb x 3 successfully:

Today I took on 10 consecutive backsquats & 10 consecutive pull ups for as many sets until failure (start with 135lb...add 20lb on backsquat after each successful set of 10 consecutive reps). I made it 7 sets to 235 without breaking, on my last set at 255lb I failed at 8reps then finished the 2 remaining reps to get 10. Total workload completed: 70 reps of backsquat at 135/155/175/195/215/235/255 and 70 Pull Ups.

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