Friday, June 11, 2010

Pillage and Plunder with BARE KNUCKLES in 6:21

I had planned on doing something really low key jog a mile, some sit ups, perhaps just organize all the kettlebells along the mirror under the pull up bars at the gym. Then came along the CFS 1pm Advanced WOD: "BARE KNUCKLES" 5 rounds for time of: 10 reps unbroken Hang Power Clean @ 135/95lb- if the bar is dropped, you must perform a 10 burpee penalty on the spot. & 50 Double Unders. And so it was to be...

Ollis busted out with the first group and put up a great time of 7:17. Chance did well and finished in around 11min. Andy crushed it in 6:32 and would have finished 30-40 seconds faster had he not dropped the bar on his last set of 10 HPC. I hadn't planned on doing this wod. The logical side of me said " You're wrecked from Murph and that 10 min AMRAP you did yesterday- Just take a rest day." The competitive side of me said with a sweet prodding voice, "Are you gonna nut-up and see if you can put up a good time?" I haven't been keeping time on all of my workouts lately and this was a great opportunity to test myself. It's been awhile since I've been nervous prior to hearing "3..2..1..GO!!!". As always, I'm glad I did it.

~Cochise OUT!

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