Monday, June 14, 2010

Death By 15-ish meters/ Max Thrusters...

Just like it says...1st minute: Sprint 15m then max reps 35lb DB Thrusters for the rest of the minute. 2nd minute: Sprint 30m then max reps 35lb DB Thrusters for the rest of the minute, continuing on and adding 15m each minute for as many minutes as possible until you are unable to perform any Thruster Great freaking WOD. Could have done a bit better, but it was fun regardless. I finished with 86 total reps. Afterwards, I did 5 x 3 OHS (205/225/225/225/205) alternated with max reps of 25lb weighted pull ups following each OHS set.

There was a wonderful energy in the CFS box today. I was there from 5am to 8:30pm and- even though I was spent by day's end- today was a great reminder of why I love what I do so much. It's a true blessing to see people show up each day and tap into a strength that dwells within themselves...there is nothing better than to witness doubt being replaced by confidence, hesitation taken over by initiative and action, and complacency triumphed by an overwhelming desire to progress and excel.

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