Friday, November 26, 2010

"Cobra Kai" tackles Event 3 at H.O.A 2.0

Here's a video of team "Cobra Kai" during event 3 at H.O.A II (with BONUS false start footage). Huge thanks goes out to Paul Elmer for capturing the action in all it's night-vision splendor! The WOD was:

-Each team picks 2 runners to complete a shuttle run. Half of the distance will be completed wearing a #20 weighted vest.
-Once both runners are finished, the team will work to complete 60 deadlifts, 50 power cleans, and 40 power snatches. Scaled teams will do deadlifts, burpees, and thrusters.
-Only ONE athlete can be on a barbell at any time.
-Teams must strip weights when changing movements.
-Rx'd loads are #275/#185 deadlift, #185/#95 power clean, #135/#65 power snatch.
-Once ALL barbell work is complete, the 2 athletes who did not run to start the workout, will complete the run.

I believe our time was something like 10:02, placing us 2nd overall in this event. Great job, team!

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