Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chew On This...

So, this week I got to see the heartbeat of our newest miniature Mhire creation (we're now 9 weeks pregnant with baby #2- it's still a bit surreal), we finalized the sale of our house (must upgrade living quarter accomodations prior to arrival of said tadpole), and topped off what was an already stellar week with a new Snatch PR (225lb). No time now for a long dissertation cuz I need to get to bed but I will post a couple of videos: The first is of today's snatch PR and the second is a sweet video of the final event at H.O.A by Dan Thacker of CrossFit Valley Park. Pardon my potty mouth at 1:43 - like most red blooded crossfitters I tend to get pretty hyped up on game day...however, it did taste good...aaaaaaand it made Jessi smile despite the nastiness of the WOD so it was worth the PG-13 rating :) Enjoi!

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