Sunday, November 21, 2010

An Ocean Of Grace

I sit here, uninterrupted, staring at this screen waiting for elqouent words to crash land in my brain and I swear I've lost them. Somehow, someway, after bearing witness to and competing within the 2nd Annual Heart of America CrossFit Affiliate Challenge I'm left speechless. But there must be a reason. There has to be. And then it comes to me: All the emotions, the fighting spirit, the urgency, the pleading, the close-calls, the pain, the glory, the heartbreak, the elation, the love and the hate, the planning, the gut-wrenching expressions, the tears of joy after victory and those from having just survived a WOD, and the unity that occured over the course of 2 days and 4 events in St. Louis at HOA 2010...all these factors which make up a truly epic competitive event cannot be given full justice with words alone. No. These portraits of the human spirit you must experience first hand to fully grasp and comprehend their impact, their magnitude, and their worth. God graces us with the opportunity to take part in rare moments such as these. He graces and blesses us with the ability to overcome that which seems insurmountable. If God's grace was an ocean, HOA 2010 just sank into it. I'm honored to have gone down with that ship and her crew.

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  1. very well put, my friend. To convey an experience like that in words is a challenge in and of itself, and you've done so very eloquently.