Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Got It, Daddy!!!

Got a couple of great workouts in today. At 11am I did 3 rounds of: 15 Front Squats, 135; 150ft Prowler sled push (255lb), 15 Pull Ups staight into 3 round of: 15 Push Press, 135lb; 150ft Prowler sled push (255lb), and 15 TTB. Good WOD- didn't keep time but I think it took around 20 minutes. The "5k Gone Bad" judges/volunteer practice run was tonight at 4pm. Around 40 of the 50-60 judges and volunteers participated with local media (KSPR) covering the evening. It was a great time and a tough run! I took it on after having eaten a late lunch just 45 minutes prior to launch and paid for it the during 1st 2000m. Once my body reached steady state and cruising altitude all was well with the world. This event, which will be held on November 27th, is shaping up to be an extremely positive experience. Can't wait to see how things shake out! Afterwards, a group of us watched my 2 year old son, Vin, as he put on a deadlifting clinic. He's pretty much got his routine down: If its a drum, he beats it; if it's a guitar, he plays it; and if it's a bar, it's gonna get lifted. Good boy.

My training has continued to go well, I've worked with more moderate loads and intermediate time-domains recently just to give my SI joint a bit of a break. I've had some hip/pelvic issues lately so I've been trying to not force the issue. Overall, Im feel great going into next weekend's 2nd annual Heart of America Challenge in St. Louis. With 32 teams competing, the competition should be stacked with some great CrossFitters from throughout the Midwest. I'm thrilled to have 9 teams from CrossFit Springfield represented at this year's event!

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