Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Said The Mighty Heart To The Feeble Mind...

As for my Sectionals training, this week has been very much about trying to ramp up my mental game. Yesterday I did 6 x 5 of backsquat and strict press 5 x 1, push press 5 x 3, and push jerk 5 x 5. On Backsquat I did 245, 250,250,250,275, and 275- modest loads but heavy for all 6 sets. On strict press I got up to 175, on push press 235 for 3, and on push jerk 250 x 5. It was a taxing strength progression and I fully felt the effects of New Years Eve festivities.

In the afternoon I did a metcon of 10-1 KB swing @ 100lb with 1 round of "Cindy" between each set. Slugged through it at a steady pace, not breaking anything up but moving calmly through the WOD. I ended with a time of 11:25.

Today I felt pretty sore from the volume of yesterday and was hesitant to do the CFS WOD of 4 rds of 500m row, each for time with a 3min rest between attempts. My reluctance was evidence enough for me to know that I needed to treat it as a competition WOD and give it an ALL OUT EFFORT. I pushed very hard on the 1st 500m row but tried to lay back just a tad in order to put up consistently fast times for all 4 efforts. My first 500m row took me 1:27.1. One second over my PR. I rested exactly 3 minutes and managed to pull my 2nd 500 in 1:33.3. After the second attempt the following mental battle ensued...

Head: How are you gonna be able to put out another relatively fast time a 3rd time, let alone a 4th time as well? You're wrecked!

Heart: You have to. Finish what you started. Just try your best. Count your strokes on the rower to 50 and you'll be fine. Hopefully...

Head: You're an idiot. That's crazy. Ok. Well, go then!

My third 500m row took me 1:38.4.

Head: Just ONE more to go...Can you do this one more time?

Heart: Yes, I KNOW I CAN...just shut up and let me breathe for a second!!!

COCHISE:Both of you best shut up and stop being wieners!

Head and Heart (simultaneously): Ok.

4th 500m row I did the same thing as the 3rd.I told myself, "Don't look at the monitor, just pull hard to 50, use your legs, follow through with your arms, and tough out the last 100m. Whatever you do, don't let the clock get to 1:40!!!"

I was pleased to achieve almost the same result as my 3rd attempt: 1:38.9.

As you can see, there was so much tough mental "self talk" occurring that eventually it began to drown out (or at least somewhat diminish) the physical discomfort of the last few 500m sprints.

Simple single modality WODs like these are often overlooked or underestimated for their potency and ability to produce a monstrous metabolic effect on the body. WODs such as these are absolutely necessary for the serious crossfit athlete because of their ability to increase not only your workload capacity but also your mental toughness. The voices in your head will tell you 100% of the time to let up. The voices in your heart telling you to KEEP FIGHTING must speak louder if you are to ever tap into your full athletic potential. No Seas Weiner! Permanecer En La Lucha!

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