Monday, January 2, 2012

Create In Me A Clean Heart, Oh God...

When I began this whole blogging business back in February of 2010, it was kind of against my better judgment. I also questioned whether I'd even stick with it. My intent was for Proximal Strength to simply be used as my training blog, which, primarily it has always been, but it's also been somewhat therapeutic for me as well to be able to journal about where I'm at in life. It's one thing to keep record of your daily musings and thoughts on life; it's another to actually take the time to review and reflect on those records. It's here where you might find that need to be careful of your actions, for they become your character and your character ultimately becomes your destiny.

This afternoon- in the wake of the 2012 new year- that's exactly what I did. I went back to December of 2010 and read a prayer that I had blogged about how I was sensing a season of change upon my life. Then I went straight to January 15th , 2011 where, after letting all the initial resolution banter die down, I finally decided to give my take on how I'd try to attack life in 2011. My thoughts centered on what my core values are. Here's what I had to say then:

"I know it's a little late but while since we're still relatively close to the new year, I've been thinking alot recently about my resolutions and goals for 2011. It never fails that each year when I make new resolutions, I often gear them towards curbing my behaviors or vices. You may tend to do the same thing. If you're anything like me, as the year wears on and your good intentions wane, you may also tend to revert back to those same tendencies you were trying to deviate from. It got me thinking: At the end of the day, my behaviors and habits should ultimately reflect my core values. If I'm really wanting to make any lasting changes to my daily actions, I'm going to have to take an honest look at what I value most in life. This thought forced me to ask myself, "What are my personal core values?" Well, here are a few that I've come up with so far (it's a work in progress):

1. I value my walk with Christ. I'm thankful for the opportunity life gives me to seek Him. My spiritual journey has had many highs and many lows, but the only times I've ever been able to experience consistent personal and spiritual growth is when I've sought Him daily. All too often I lose sight of this value and become malnourished. My attitude, decisions, and actions are poor when I'm not spiritually fed just as my athletic performance is compromised when I'm not eating enough or eating garbage.

2. I value my family. Jenny and Vin are my best-known remedy for lethargy, apathy, anger, and fatigue. Yet if I allow myself to forget that my family is one of my core values, they can quickly become the catalysts for my lethargy, apathy, anger, and fatigue. If I truly love and value Jenny and Vin, my actions and behavior will reflect it. I will listen. I will play. I will clean. I will be patient. I will engage. I will discipline. I will encourage. I will wait to fart. Nah. I will fart. Which brings me to my 3rd value...

3. I value my personal time. I'm very much like my mother in that I can easily get wrapped up in being a "social butterfly". I love good company and often overextend myself because of it. I'm still not the best at it, but I'm learning that sometimes it's okay to say, "No thanks- not this time." You know you're not getting enough quiet time when the only way you get quiet time is by taking a shower.

4. I value CrossFit Springfield. Even if my business partners kicked me out and I was no longer an owner and even if our members fired me from programming the website, I'd still show up and do the WODs just to experience the comradery of the CFS community. My resolve to stay true to this value drives me to pour my heart and soul into every athlete I train, every WOD I write, and every CFS business endeavor."

As I take stock in my progress in each of these values, I have to be honest and say I think there are some values I excelled in. For instance last year, I created more time for family. Which has made ours a happy home...usually. I could still use some more patience, but who couldn't? I also see the fruits of our CFS Labor throughout the year paying dividends in terms of increased memberships, many successful events, and increased local media coverage. The reality that I didn't really do much more in 2011 to grow my relationship with Christ is one that really bums me out. It's not that I didn't experience spiritual growth; I just know I must strive to be more proactive in daily seeking God's word.

There's a ton of me ranting in the paragraphs above...but I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon when I got the opportunity to watch a real wordsmith in Pastor John Cremeans (also a member of CrossFit Springfield!) of North Point Church in Springfield speak on the topic of New Year Reflection and Resolutioning. "Its a mistake to decide what your gonna do before determining WHO you want to ultimately be.", John says. John's sermon was spot on for what God has been speaking into my life lately. Forget about the fact that John gave a really cool shout out to CrossFit Springfield (particularly when he spoke about the dedicated weekly Hero WODs to HONOR fallen service members). Bottom line: This sermon represents everything that I desire in my life. The four principles John speaks on can tell alot about a person's character: Authenticity, Honoring, Purity, and Resiliency. These component's tied together for me everything that I've ever wanted Proximal Strength to stand for. Furthermore, I truly believe that if you make it your JOB to excel in each of these domains, you will begin to experience life more abundantly, irregardless of your spiritual or religious ideals. Here they are:

#1 Authenticity- I want to be real with everyone God places in my path. I want to make authentic, deeply rooted connections that impact peoples soul or their center; hence Proximal.

#2 Honoring - Something that in my adult life I'm VERY sensitive to. This, of course, is because as a young buck I had to learn-many times over the HARD way- that DISHONORING those who God had placed strategically in my life as my authorities repeatedly got me nowhere. It usually left me with a tremendous amount of pain and regret. I want to be a man of HONOR in all I set my hand to and towards all those I meet ESPECIALLY to those God has positioned in my life as my authority.

#3 Purity - It's a very personal and guarded topic for most- especially men. But, as Pastor John states, "Sexual impurity is an area of life that if you don't constantly check yourself on, it can tear down relationships, marriages, and unravel the entire fabric of your being...It can destroy you through guilt, shame, and loathing. You must decide to create appropriate boundaries for yourself." It means daily praying, "Create in me a clean heart Oh God and RENEW a right spirit within me." This is the daily charge to myself for the year of 2012.

#4 Resiliency - I never back down from challenges. That's how I'm hard-wired. I have the mentality that even if you're more talented than me in any discipline, I'd go head to head with you because I'm willing to bet that I'll do whatever it takes to out work you. It's not an ego thing. At all. It's just my mantra: I'm willing to do the WORK. I'm willing to give the EFFORT. Here's the rub: Even when you out work someone, things still don't always end up in your favor. Then what? To be resilient means to be able to recover quickly from difficult conditions. In 2012, my prayer is to be RESILIENT. To bounce back and to continue to MOVE FORWARD.

Below is John's sermon from Sunday at North Point Church. Allow it to challenge you and allow yourself to reflect on where you're at as we enter the new year. And remember: "Its a mistake to decide what your gonna do before determining WHO you want to ultimately be." So the question is this: Who do you want be? What do you want your legacy to be?

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  1. Jeremy thank you for sharing. I had a injured child on Sunday and missed church. John's sermon was incredible and hit home. My faith and walk with God is often a struggle for me.

    Thank you again and have a Happy New Year!
    Laura Montgomery