Friday, January 6, 2012

INK Around The Rosie Nipple

"This feels AMAZING!"

Outline: CHECK...Halfway there.

The finished product. For my past 7 pieces, I've gone to "Hearts of Fire" owner and artist Ethen. Aside from the fact that his work is SHARP, Ethen is just a cool, down to earth guy. He's a smart business man, he's got mad hustle (he works hard - for all you old folk who aren't jive'n with me), and I can tell he's also a bigtime family man. Aaaaand he's tattooed from head to toe and still not afraid to order a strawberry daiquiri. I'd recommend him to anyone looking into getting some fresh ink or wanting someone to share a fruity cocktail with.

The chest piece he did for me today was redonkulously painful. It had me trash talking, zoning out, fighting to control my breathing, and sweating like a mofo!!! I consider myself a somewhat tough little boy to routinely be able to tolerate the pain of CrossFit WODs- but this was a discomfort of a whole new flavor.

I'm completely stoked about the outcome. I told Jenny this might have been one of the best training methods I could have adapted just prior to the 2012 open simply because I was forced to sit there and try to breathe and remain calm while my left boobie was under tremendous duress. My poor, poor boobie. I actually went to CFS to do yoga prior to my tattoo appointment just to calm myself...Not sure if it worked but the result totally made the inevitable pain worthwhile! I love the way it turned out!!!

The best part is, now once a day I'll get to hear someone say to me, "I hope this whole CrossFit thing works out for you" for the rest of my life. Don't you worry, dear. I've been ALL IN for some time now.


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