Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CrossFit Elf WOD

Got myself embedded with a doosie of a gripping game today. At 8am I took on 21 Deadlifts @ 225lb, 42 Pull Ups, 15 Deadlifts @ 225, 30 Pull Ups, 9 Deadlifts @ 225lb, 18 Pull Ups. Finished in 7:26. Trained some clients, watched a class, coached a lil snatch here and there, marveled at Ryan Davis performing 100kb swings unbroken...and then at 1300hrs had a momentary stroke of genius and wrote the following WOD in 2 minutes:

For time:
6-4-2 with 135lb...
Squat Snatch
Snatch Balance
60 Double Unders
40 DB Push Press, 45lb
20 Hang Power Cleans, 135lb

Lung. Burner. It may have been the sushi I had just partaken of or it may be that I just so happened to have written a masterpiece- either way, I felt the standard CrossFit body-numbing-wheezy-sickly-tummy feeling throughout this whole WOD. Time was 8:42.

Christmas is almost here, so this evening, I'd like to close my set by performing one of my all-time favorite Christmas anthems for you...

Ahhh...May the sweet aroma of Christmas elf fart linger in your living room for many, many years to come.

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