Monday, May 17, 2010

Who's in charge here?

Friday I did Yoga. Gotta lil stretchy stretch. Did the CFS Daily WOD 50KB swings, 100sit up, 150 Double Unders in 7:45. Also tried to get to 1 RM effort OHS. Probably a bad idea after the metcon. PR is 265 and I only got 245- oh well-it was one of those day where I was like "if it happens that I PR then that'd be a great bonus"
Did one of the potential CFS individual saturday challenge WODs today...gonna change it up a's a little too much as is.

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  1. Hey Jeremy, saw a video on youtube from sectionals. Looked pretty bad ass. Have you heard of the seal fitness challenge? I took it last year and failed the swim. I'm looking forward to taking it again as soon as they post the dates. I think you would do well at the test.
    Adrian CCF