Tuesday, May 11, 2010

30-20-10 Rds of: Backsquat 155lb & Ring Dips

The WOD took me around six to seven minutes. No puking today- that was pleasant. Went against my crossfit constitutional bylaw (article 21.15.9) which states: "Jeremy don't do ab workouts cuz ab workouts is likes the government- thems don't really work". A few sit ups here, some air bikes there, a little planky plank for flair...nothing crazy. I'm sure it was just enough abwork to not allow me to sit up out of bed, laugh at Uli's blog, or so much as contain a fart without feeling like my small and large intestines set fire to my abdominal wall.


  1. Jeremy, This is Adrian from Core CrossFit Phx, you proabibly dont remember me, but we met at the CFFB cert in LV. Wanted to see how sectionals/ regionals are going.

  2. Adrian- what up man? I remember you for sure! Sectionals went great- finished 13th out of 145...Regionals I think I could've done better but all things considered they went well- I finished 30th out of the 65 regional qualified males. Each year I compete I'm learning about how to optimize my training. I'll hope for an even better performance during the games season next year!!! How are you guys at CORE in downtown pheonix?