Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Onward and Upward

My performance of "J.T" yesterday was pretty bad. Today's WOD was GOOD. Last night I devised a tough little number to put myself, Brian, and Chance through:

30 Box Jumps, 24", 15 Snatches, 15 Squat clean and jerk, 15 SDHP, 15 OHS, 15 Front squats, and 30 Burpees

All bar work was done with 135lb.

The WOD has similar components of the Air Force WOD but with a larger load and an added level of difficulty with the snatch thrown in. We all sattled up at 11am this morning and gave it a go. My goal was to go sub-15min, get ahead from the beginning, and stay ahead throughout. Brian made it tough, staying within just a few reps of me the entire workout, but I managed to finish 8 sec ahead with a time of 14:39. The last 30 burpees were the biggest challenge- ecspecially doing them in a severely fatigued state. Overall, I'm happy with my performance and feel good about taking one step closer to being back in competition shape.

Today's food intake:

Egg white omlette with spinach, chicken, onions, mozzerella, and pico.
2 cups of coffee

2 spicy tuna rolls w easy rice
1 salad w ginger dressing

Tuna w a little mayo and relish on wheat crackers

Turkey and ham on organic wheat w avacado
half a bannana with organic PB
1 glass of milk

1 muscle milk shake

Lots of H20 throughout the day


  1. hey, what are spicy tuna rolls? i like spicy and i like tuna...sounds fun to marry the

  2. The best sushi roll ever conceived...u must taste its spicy tuna rolly goodness.

  3. Found a great recipe for it and OMG. DELISH. seriously yummy! THANKS!!!!

    -Natasha [fancytreehouse]