Monday, February 22, 2010

CrossFit Springfield in the News

Springfield's local NBC affiliate, Ky3 News came out to the box this morning for a live remote and ran a great spot throughout the day, highlighting CrossFit Springfield. In a year marked with hard work, a new facility, many long hours, and tremendous growth (both personally and professionally), the local media attention is an awesome reward and motivation to keep our game air-tight.

As for my I took on 5 rounds of 30 Backsquats (135lb) and 30 Chest to Bars. I didn't do it for time and I'm glad I didn't cuz I know it'd just have pissed me off. I felt slow and weak enough without the clock running to mock me as well. Today just reinforces my belief that you are what you eat. I ate like a shmuck the past two days and my performance reflected it. But whether its two years, two months, or two days of shmuckiness, you gotta pick back up somewhere. The break from super-strict eating will probably serve me well to refocus. This afternoon I also hit the main page ( WOD: Row 5k, for time (did it pretty sloppily as well, in 20 min). I'm sure by Wednesday my "A" game will have returned somewhat.

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