Sunday, February 21, 2010

Refueled...with junk food.

There's nothing better than rewarding yourself with a cheat day (or two) when you've eaten like Mother Teresa for two months. Unfortunately, there's nothing more miserable than hitting the gym on Monday after you've just rewarded yourself with a gluttenous cheat day (or two). I don't dare tell you the tale of the low-class foodstuffs I've consumed in the past 48 hours- let your mind run wild- times that by ten- and you may begin to creep into the realm of my current food hangover.

It's been very nice, however, to focus on just having fun with the family this past weekend. Kickin' with Jenny and Vin on a lazy Saturday afternoon is always right up my alley. I also think that my poor eating the past couple of days will help me re-focus as I move forward and train for the 2010 CrossFit Games North Central Regional Qualifier in May.

Today, while Jenny went to the grocery store, Vin and I kicked it at the crib and managed to allow CrossFit to permeate yet another venue of our lives by making a CrossFitter out of play-dough. That's right. Most 2 year olds are learning to simply count; Vin's learning to count thrusters and zone blocks. Ahhh...Time Magazine's Father of Year, here I come.

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