Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011: A Very Cochise Year In Review

As 2011 draws to a close I'd like to throw out a few highlights of my year. For me, these events helped to give shape to my 2011 experience and from them I'll always remember 2011 for a great year filled with time well spent with my family, my CFS comrades, and my ongoing pursuit of world domination.

January: Bring on the snow and dancing penguins!



CROSSFIT SPRINGFIELD finishes as XFIT League Season 1 CHAMPS!!!

XFIT League: End of Season One

League Results

Rank Box Points
1 CF SPR 16
2 CombatCF18
3 BHFIT 21
4 IM CF 25
5 CF 816 33
6 CF MAN 36
7 PFCF 36
8 CF 785 39
10 CF MAT (NEW)0
11 CF LIN (NEW)0

The 2011 "Groundhog Day" Open - I mean - CrossFit Games Open takes place. First 2 weeks: Perform WOD 11.1 as many times as possible. I win.


CFS Hosts Olympic Lifting Cert with Coach Mike Burgener

CFS Prom

The 2011 Open Concludes:

The following men from CrossFit Springfield have placed in the top 60 and are now qualified for the North Central Regional May 27th-29th at Navy Pier in Chicago, IL (Out of 934 registered male competitors in the North Central region):5th, Macy Mitchell; 14th, Andrew Koch; 39th, Jeremy Mhire; 40th, Brian Llewellyn; 47th, Jon Newbold

The following women from CrossFit Springfield have placed in the top 60 and are now qualified for the North Central Regional May 27th-29th at Navy Pier in Chicago, IL (Out of 515 registered female competitors in the North Central region): 24th, Melissa Wistrom; 42nd, Kara Wallace-Racz; 59th, Kristin Anderson; 60th, Kathy Metz

In the Women’s Masters Competition, Cindi Little has finished in 5th Place in the 55-59 yr old division, qualifying her to compete in the 2011 CrossFit Games at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA from July 29-31. Way to go, Cindi!!!

May & June:

Spring arrives! Daddy, Mommy, Vin, and unborn baby Emille head to the park!

CFS represents at CrossFit Games Regional Competition

CrossFit Springfield fields a STRONG team and manages to qualify for the CF Games World Finals in LA! As an individual competitor, I was able to qualify for the finals of regionals and placed 12th overall in the final standings.

Jenny's Baby shower for Emille at the Wistrom casa!

Clean Up in Joplin with Convoy of Hope


Emille arrives!
CrossFit Springfield competes in LA at the 2011 CrossFit Games.


Planning and preparation for HOA3 begins


See August


Fun fall festivities, pumpkin chucking, trips with the family to the pumpkin patch- all good times!


December: My WARPATH to the 2012 CrossFit Games season has begun. Training is in full swing, LivXFit is beginning to gain greater exposure, and the gym is as busy as it's ever been. To top off an already exciting month, an article I recently wrote profiling 2011 CF Games Individual athlete and North Central competitor, Armand McCormick, was published today on the Games site: BOLDLY AGGRESIVE. December was a fun-filled month full of Christmas decorating, gift giving and plenty of sacred time with loved ones!

2012 has got big shoes to fill in my book. I'm thankful for all of the wonderful blessings 2011 gave me! Here's to the New Year!

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